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Central Montana Whitetail Deer Hunting


Central Montana Elk Hunting

Pigeye Outfitters is proud to announce a great addition to our big game hunting operation.  Bryant Mikkelson, a local rancher and guide, has joined us.  He not only brings his guiding expertise, but also brings more acreage for our elk, deer, antelope, and black bear hunts.  These new neighboring ranch lease lands will give us more than 40,000 additional acres on which to hunt.  Bryant was born and raised in central Montana, only a few miles from our big game hunting camp.  He, like myself, has a passion for pursuing these magnificent animals and enjoys assisting clients in their attempts to harvest them.  This partnership, along with the added lands, will enable us to better manage the properities, take fewer animals, and eventually increase the age and quality of the trophies available to our clients.  Make sure that you visit the photo albums to see updated pictures of animals taken by both Bryant and myself in the past couple of years.

Our Central Montana Hunting CabinAt Pigeye Outfitters we offer specialized Big Game hunts for both archery and rifle for elk, whitetail and mule deer, antelope, and black bear.  The elk/deer rifle season begins the last week in October and runs for 5 weeks ending the weekend following Thanksgiving.  The archery season begins the first weekend in September and ends the first weekend in October.  These hunts are geared to each individualís preferences and limitations.  As with our upland hunts, we offer our hunts to a small number of guests at one time, 2 to 6.

Your stay with us will begin on a Saturday evening and end on the following Friday evening. (6 days, 6 nights)  These are all fully serviced and guided hunts.  Each hunt will be led by an expert guide, knowledgeable of the local terrain and seasonal movements of the animals, licensed and certified by the state of Montana.

Central Montana Elk HuntingOur rustic homesteaders log cabin, in addition to a tent camp, is the living quarters for most of our big-game hunts.  Our National Forest lease of approximately 120,000 acres lies behind these private properties.  The elevation ranges from around 4500 ft. at the cabin to 9,000 ft. up top.  This area offers considerable opportunities for taking a trophy-sized bull elk, white tail and mule deer. From the camp we do our hunting from 4-wheel drive vehicles, a six-wheeler Polaris, or on foot.  We encourage you to bring your own 4-wheeler ATV if you have one.  We also have two tent camps that we use primarily for early season archery hunts.

Central Montana Mule Deer HuntingThe Little Belt Mountains have a good population of black bears.  What sets these bears apart from those in other areas is that there is a large number of other colors such as cinnamon and blonds.  The spring season is April 15 to May 31.  Your license must be purchased by April 14.  The fall season runs from September 15th to November 26th.   You must purchase your license by August 31st for this season.  There is a good chance of picking up a bear during the archery hunt.  




Since the Montana FWP quota of non resident Elk and Deer licenses have not been met by the draw, there are licenses still available at this time. These will be on a first come first serve basis, so don't wait contact us ASAP and check availability! 

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